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I'll Never Have Sex With You Again!

Published by Simon & Schuster


 Forget everything you think you know about childbirth, this is reality, with belly-laughs.


I'll Never Have Sex With You Again! chronicles birthin' babies like nothing ever before. Told by moms, dads, ON/Gyns, labor nurses and the people next door, its stories give new meanings to the phrase "up close and personal." And many celebrities, from Nikki Sixx to Faith Hill, Lucy Lawless to James Gandolfini, Erin Brockovich to Peggy Noonan - let down their guard and prove that the delivery room is definitely a no-spin zone.

Read all about

* The birthing mom who watches helplessly as a sexy labor nurse tries to seduce her husband.

* The mother-in-law/M.D. wanna-be who siezes the forceps and orders the doctor to get the show on the road!

* The new dad who suffers a concussion during a crib-assembly mishap and first glimpses his infant as he's being wheeled into the emergency room.

* The woman who had to be knocked out cold by a baseball to discover she was pregnant.

* The dad who misses his daughter's birth when he runs home to change into a suit .

* The woman in labor who discovers and old flame will administer her epidural, and opts to tough it out -- sans anesthesia!

Heartwarming and hilarious, these 100-plus stories will thrill moms, mothers-to-be or anyone even thinking about having a baby.

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